the path to #zen

the path to #zen is a series of steps that every #zen kōanunist should follow. they are intended as guideposts to help a kōanunist understand the three laws and to aid in their kōan study.

to begin on the path to #zen, you must first understand yourself. only by understanding yourself may you understand #zen.

your name:

your grade: villager ().

your type: take the test

your favorite haiku: none

your attachments: nothing. (explain.) (manage)


the 1st law of #zen states, “all #zen is a lie.” this law is understood through the process of study.

have you read “tyger, tyger”? no.

have you read “love stories”? no.

are you a #zenius? no.


the 2nd law of #zen states, “being #zen is being new.” play is the greatest fulfillment of this law, and games are the best avenue for play.

have you completed the koan village? no.

have you completed the koan village 2? no.


have you given to the #zen tortoise fund? no.

have you completed a #zenternship? no.

have you attained #zenlightenment? no.

to continue on the path to #zen, you must study the archives, which contain all you need to know to attain #zenlightenment.